Session A – Tuesday (Trade Night)

A camper flies through the air to make a sweet grab.

Good evening everyone,

Today was by far the best day of ultimate we have had all session. This may simply be because the teams now have their team shirts and are finding a sense of pride or because we have been reminding them constantly to put on sunscreen and drink more water. Whatever the case is, it’s making for some great action and quality photos.

This morning the campers met with their teams and went over some strategy they intend on using for the entirety of the tournament. Some teams refined their zone offense while others practiced various defensive situations. At the end of the morning session the campers received their team shirts but only after sprinting up the massive Memorial hill. At the top team photos were taken along with an entire camp photo.

The afternoon saw the first round of the tournament where the John Terry/Hannah coaching combo etched out team Christian/Evan 9-6. On the opposite field, team Jonah/Vicki seemed to have everything going their way as they claimed victory 9-1.

Once the cleats had been hung up for the day and the campers had been refueled by Valentine Dining Hall, Trade Night commenced. Players were able to trade and purchase gear from around the world from each other, the counselors and two local frisbee companies Pure Flight and Breakmark stopped by with some great deals. The last event of the day for the campers was a one on one meeting with their coach(es) to answer any questions they may have about to check in with them before the four rounds of the tournament to be played tomorrow.

Here is the media coverage for today of nearly 300 photographs along with tomorrow’s newsletter. Enjoy!

Tuesday’s Photos:

Wednesday’s Newsletter:

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