Session A – Wednesday

A camper lays out for an upline scoober reset pass which was completed, but is not recommended.

Wow. That’s the only word I can use to describe all the fun the campers, counselors, staff and myself, personally, had today. Today being the last full day of the session was jam packed with four rounds of tournament play, team lunches, a talent show (which was quite fantastic — if I do say so myself and not just because I made a cameo in it) and pizza (one of an athlete’s favorite foods).

With five teams in the NUTC Session A tournament all but one of the teams make it to the semi finals to battle it out tomorrow morning bright and early. Unfortunately, the team with arguably the best colored jerseys Neon aka Safety Green aka Vision Blocking was eliminated and will get the chance to sleep in a little more than the rest of us.

The talent show displayed the talents that the campers have off the field which included everything from weird body talents, music (with a camper playing the piano, another singing a great solo song, a duet nutc theme song and the girls floor pouring their hearts and souls out to an old school N’sync/Backstreet Boys song), and a barrage of skits performed by both the campers and the counselors.

I’m sure all the campers will be able to sleep well tonight with their stomaches full of pizza and bodies worn out for a long day of intense frisbee action.

Here is today’s media update with the last newsletter of Session A and photos from the four rounds played earlier today.
Note: The footage shot at the talent show will be up in coming weeks.

Thursday’s Newsletter:

Wednesday’s Photos:

Thank you and enjoy!

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