Session B – Sunday


Assistant Director Leila Tunnell works with a camper on how to release his throws lower.

Good evening everyone,

Today was pretty hot out but that didn’t seem to break any of the campers strides or bring spirits down whatsoever. Instead everyone was so full of energy during the morning session despite haven been woken up by the counselors at 6:45am. In the morning we covered the rule of the day along with demonstrating proper throwing form. The campers then broke into pairs and worked on their throws while the counselors assisted with making adjustments to their form. After a few drills and scrimmages we broke for a delicious meal at the Valentine Dining Hall.

The afternoon brought about more instruction from the counselors along with skill work and plenty of scrimmages (photos below). During tonight’s activity the campers found out what team they are on and were able to get to know each other through a series of fun games. I have to admit the shirt colors for teams this year are better than they have ever been. The campers are now fast asleep awaiting a full day of ultimate tomorrow. Tomorrow’s evening activity is the epic showdown between the Campers and the Counselors. Until then here’s the media coverage for today!


Sunday’s Photos:

Monday’s Newsletter:

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