Session B – Tuesday

Good morning everyone,

Yesterday was a day chock full of different activities and events all of which led to lots of laughs and smiles. In the morning the teams came together for a warmup followed by learning different variations of zone offense and defense. In the afternoon we started the Disc Olympics where all the campers participated in the distance throwing event (broken into four divisions by age and gender) and pairs from each team competed in the MTA (maximum time aloft) challenge.

In addition, during the afternoon session we saw the first round of the round robin where the Henous Rumble Bees (yellow) captured victory over the Dragons (red). On field 2, team Index (INDia and alEX’s team aka green) were too strong for Laffy Taffy (pink).

After the first round was finished, the Disc Golf event of Disc Olympics took place where in two divisions (open and mixed) pairs from each team competed to have the lowest score.

The evening activity of the night was Trade Night. Gear from all over the country was being bought, sold, bartered, haggled for and traded among the campers and counselors. Deals were flying fast and furious all over the place. This morning at breakfast nearly every camper was wearing at least one of their new pieces of swag.

The second round of the round robin is about to begin so while I head out to the fields here’s the media coverage from yesterday.


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