Session B – Wrap Up

Good evening everyone,

Due the the Internet being down I was unable to write blog or upload any photos this morning. I have now posted the photos from yesterday (Wednesday) and today (Thursday) for you all to take a look at and enjoy. I will be posting clips from last night’s talent show over the next couple weeks so stay tuned for that but for now here’s the media coverage from the past couple days.

Wednesday’s Photos:
Thursday’s Photos:
Thursday’s Newsletter:

I due have to say that it’s been a great week at camp and I’m sure it’s one that campers will never forget. From the camper counselor game to trade night, the talent show and the NUTC tournament there were so many laughs, smiles and new memories created this past week. While us staff rest up for Session C starting Saturday, we hope that the campers travel safely home whether by car, train, bus or plane. We look forward to seeing them on the fields throughout the year and back here next summer.

Thank you,

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