Session C July 20th




Full pictures from today here
What a day! We fought through some more brutal heat, and spent our energies focusing on getting better at the sport we love. Campers worked with counselors in several workshops today. One was devoted to hucking, emphasizing the importance of wrist-snap, angle of release, transfer of weight, and grip strength. There was a vast improvement from the beginning of the session to the end, where campers realized some detrimental habits in their form and started working on more efficient throwing. Another station was all about defensive positioning, launching campers through “The Gauntlet” drill that works on dictating where the offense can go on the field.

P1090953P1090351Today we scrimmaged as our teams, and the fields were alive with creative cheers, high fives, smiles, and highlight plays.


The Camper-Counselor game was an absolute blast! A huge layout D from the camper team on one of the first throws set the tone–these campers were not about to sit down and let the counselors roll. The counselors, relying on their veteran experience, eventually pulled out the win, but the sidelines were loud and a few fans even stopped by to spectate! After the game, it was time for ice cream. Every once in a while, a diversion from the “right road” is acceptable, if it takes the form of ice cream…

Bring It In July 20th

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