Session C – Monday

Good evening everyone,

Earlier today the different teams went over split stack and continued to work on their reset skills. By the end of the morning session campers were starting to get confident with this new type of offense that most had not seen before. The afternoon was spent learning about proper defensive positioning and was filled with plenty of scrimmaging.

Tonight’s plans had to slightly be altered due to some rain showers and potential thunderstorm on its way. So instead of the traditional camper versus counselor showdown each team gathered in a different section of the floor to play all sorts of fun games and activities. As I was walking about I saw the full spectrum from counselor Jonah performing magic tricks for his team. I have to add that he’s a professional magician and really good at it. Blows my mind every time. Christian and Sam’s team played Mafia and the rest of the teams played similar types of games. However one thing that didn’t change was Monday being make your own sundae night. That was still in full force and tasty.

The campers are currently in their floor meetings and will soon be heading to bed to rest up for another long day jam packed full of fun ultimate. It’s going to be great and I’m very excited that tomorrow is Pink Tuesday! More on that later but for now here’s the content from today that you’ve all be waiting for.

Today’s Photos:
Tuesday’s Newsletter:


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