Session C – Saturday


Welcome to Session C of NUTC!

Good evening everyone. The campers arrived today; 31 by plane, 1 by bus and the rest via parents, carpools or by driving themselves. This is our largest session of the summer, sold out, with 102 campers and we are so excited for them all to be here. There was some great action already out on the fields during pick up. After pickup we went to dinner followed by the evening activity of the all camp meeting. At the meeting campers not only learned the rules, policies and procedures about camp but were able to learn more about the counselors’ backgrounds with ultimate frisbee. After their first floor meeting of the week the campers are now in their rooms awaiting lights out.

I’ve included in this media update today’s and tomorrow’s newsletters and a few photos (many, many more to follow in the upcoming days).


Today’s Newsletter:
Sunday’s Newsletter:


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