Session C – Sunday

Good evening everyone,

The campers, counselors and staff all woke up at the early hour of 6:45am, excited for the first full day of ultimate. After a great breakfast at Valentine Hall, we all proceeded to the field to work on our throwing form and resets.

After lunch, the campers were right back on the fields to play some more Ultimate. This time campers learned about cutting mechanics, deep throw placement and timing. Once they were on the way of getting a great understanding of these scrimmages took place followed by some sprints.

After dinner and a slideshow the campers gathered in the auditorium to learn what team they would be on for the rest of the week. After meeting with their teams and briefly started the process of getting to know each other better they banded together to compete in a series of competitions. The four competitions were: mental battleship, bear ninja cowboy, clothespins and counselor bear ninja counselor. To say the auditorium was loud would be the understatement of the night. It was roar with laugher and cheering will the teams competed. The award for winning and placing in team night was to pick which color t-shirt their team would be wearing for the remainder of the week.

The campers are now back asleep and it’s time for me to turn in as well so here’s the media coverage today. Tune in for more tomorrow.

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