What To Bring



  • Bathing Suit and Towel
  • Dark & White shirts for practice
  • **Plenty of Socks**
  • Cleats
  • Regular clothes/sneakers/shoes
  • Shorts
  • **Sandals for shower**/ PJ’s/robe
  • Rain Gear Umbrella/Hat to keep sun/rain off you


  • Ankle Brace/Wrap/Whatever you need
  • Cleats
  • Disc (preferably an Ultrastar)
  • Discs/Ultimate jerseys/Gear to trade*
  • Golf Discs (if you have them)


  • Camera
  • Snacks/drinks
  • Chargers
  • Books/magazines
  • Random games/cards/toys
  • Waterproof bag for dirty laundry
  • Sunglasses/glasses/contacts


  • A watch AND an alarm clock
  • **Pillow** and pillow case
  • Sheets/blanket
  • Small fan (dorms are not air-conditioned)



  • Allergy medicine/inhaler
  • Medications
  • Lip balm/sunscreen
  • Personal Care Items (soap, shampoo etc.)
  • Toothbrush/Paste
  • Towels


  • $50.00 Deposit for room key (check only, made out to the Town of Amherst, with camper’s name in subject line)
  • Identification/Driver’s license
  • Important phone numbers/addresses
  • Cell phone
  • Extra spending money, probably between $75 and $100
  • Water bottle (Essential, make sure you drink plenty of water on the days before you arrive.  Mark it clearly with your name)

Bring a separate bag/backpack to bring to the field everyday. If you are flying, make sure you carry on your cleats, practice clothes, socks, discs, toiletries, and anything else you may need immediately if the airline loses your luggage. Write your name on all your valuable items and clothes.

If you have new cleats that are not broken in, bring a thin pair of socks to wear with another pair of socks. You should also use baby powder in your cleats. This will hopefully prevent blisters.

In general, you should try to pack lightly. You don’t need a lot of extra clothes to wear when we are at camp. All of the items probably do not apply to everyone, particularly if you are a day camper. Most likely you will come back with more stuff than you left with, so you need to have some extra room.

We will be having a Camp Talent Show for one of our evening activities.   If you need to bring anything to supplement your talent (music, an instrument etc.) please make sure you do so.

*We will also have a Trade Night, where you can trade or buy/sell ultimate gear from all over the U.S. Bring gear or extra cash in order to procure that one-of-a-kind ultimate jersey or disc!